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Out of Africa Wildlife Park

Giraffs at Out of Africa Wildlife Park

Welcome to 
Out of Africa Wildlife Park! 

The Park is now located in Camp Verde, 30 minutes south of Sedona. There are 104 wilderness acres where visitors can interact with over 400 animals from around the world. The animals live in natural, spacious habitats and share a unique relationship with their caregivers.

On the 45 minute SERENGETI SAFARI tour, you'll experience an authentic African Photo Safari.  With expert park guides, you can expect personal encounters with giraffe, zebra, wildebeest and more.  We will provide treats so you can feed the animals and maybe receive a gentle kiss from a giraffe. On nearby hills, you may spot prides of lions or other big cats overlooking their domain and the prey animals you are among.  Experience the heart of Africa in the heart of Arizona.
A one-hour educational tour, on a tram or trolley, brings you to the animals and the animals to you. The WILDLIFE PRESERVE has tigers, lions, wolves, hyena and other predators prowling in large, natural habitats.  Caretakers are often in the habitats interacting with the carnivores. You can photograph the animals from unobstructed photo platforms and walk at your leisure among the Preserve's predator habitats.  It is like seeing them in the wild.
Follow our animal caretakers on the PREDATOR FEED, as they throw 800 pounds of raw food to anxiously awaiting carnivores in the WILDLIFE PRESERVE. This is an opportunity to see and learn how large animals, such as lions and tigers, eat.  Feed days are Sunday, Wednesday and Friday at 3:00pm.

Lion at Out of Africa Wildlife Park

Stay an extra night in Sedona.  Explore the entire Verde Valley and Out of Africa Wildlife Park.



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